Nokota® Horse

Nokota Horse, as the breed is now known, is descended from the wild horses harnessed by the Lakota Sioux who lived in the Northern Great Plains in the mid-1700s. Horses became key to the Nativesí fight for survival. They powered the cavalry that carried the legendary chief Sitting Bull to victory in the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn.

The Nokota Horse Conservancy® is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to preserve the unique and historical Nokota® Horse. These wild horses of the northern plains have inhabited the Little Missouri Badlands, now encompassed by Theodore Roosevelt National Park, for more than a century.
​The goal of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® is to preserve this rare American horse breed.

nokota_generica_5_copia.jpgNokota® Horse marestallion_bw_copia.jpg


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